There are some key differences between rich and poor people. If you’re currently not rich but want to be rich, you’ll want to avoid some common mistakes that a lot of poor people make. Common mistakes that poor people make include spending too much money on unnecessary purchases, not putting enough money aside for later, and not having a budget for their expenses. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t get swindled by any scams in the future. …

Whether you’re working remotely or within an office, there are high chances that you are struggling to be productive on a daily basis.

Most of us are working from home now for at least past 6 months (Including myself) We all now realize that it is much more difficult than working from the office.

At office, you have a timing to follow for everything but when you WORK FROM HOME, there is no clock and you will realize that contrary to your earlier belief, even though you are working twice as much, you are actually less productive.

But Improving productivity…

Sometimes you feel lucky and popular with 100s of pending requests on your Linkedin Account. But who do you manage to accept all of them fast?

Let me take you directly to the method that will make your task easy and will allow you to accept Linkedin Requests in one click while making you feel like a coder.

Before we begin, please note that this trick works only for PC and has been tested for Google Chrome only.

Step 1 — Go and hover on new connections button on the top right of your LinkedIn where all your pending connection…

While you are stuck in your homes and are in quarantine due to the pandemic of Coronavirus happening right now ( 21st March 2020), here are few things you can do to make the most of your time.

Foremost, if you are in quarantine, do not go out. As simple as that. I understand that similar to the situations during exams how we find reading newspaper interested even if we haven’t read it in years, most of us are having a sudden urge to go outside and travel the world during this quarantine.

For some of us the major concern…

Depression is one of the most underrated mental health issues and is rarely discussed. This is the reason that most of us do not know how to deal and act around people suffering from depression.

There might be two kinds of depressions. One form of depression because something didn’t happen according to what the person wished for and the other is clinical because of underlying issues.

No matter the form, one must avoid the following approaches while dealing with someone in a depressed mood.

  1. You don’t like feeling that way? Change it
    When we say this, it gives the impression that…

Pardon me if this blog doesn’t look like a systematic recipe article.

It is 21st March. The world is seeing the havoc by a coronavirus. I and my family like a million others in the world are home quarantined.

It gets really tough to sit in one place. Suddenly you feel the urge to travel across the world. Go out. Play.

But we decided to stay indoors and keep ourself engaged. What is better than cooking?

I am a bad cook but I like they say, it is not about the result, it is about the journey. …

Christmas is that time of the year when you just feel happy. There is a sense of belonging in the air.

Here are some quotes on Christmas that will not only put a smille on your face but will also inspire you.

Have you ever found yourself rampaging through washrooms from one floor to another and even cross buildings at your office because you got a nature’s call and none of the washrooms are in usable condition?

Washroom Etiquette is indeed the most underrated yet one of the most important etiquettes which no one talk about.

Though we are not supposed to be told about how to act in a washroom, it is extremely important that we realize our duties when we use the service.

Remember you are not the only person using the restroom at the workplace.

Also, the cleaning person…

It’s been 3 years since I was introduced to #SecretSanta celebration after I joined the corporate world.

The concept is simple. You are assigned a person randomly and you have to buy a gift for them. The person isn’t aware that you bought the gift. I always went an extra mile to make sure that what I gift is loved by the person, but I always received mundane and boring things from other people. It is a bad feeling.

I thought, “ I do so much for whomsoever I have to gift without any expectation, but still why I didn’t…

Dear Freshers,

The current situation is tough. Jobs are scares. Skills are lacking. Most of our population is young and looking for jobs, Competition is brutal and colleges are not able to meet expectations.

ameya agrawal

Overthinker, Author of A Leap Within, Speaker, National Record Holder. In search of self. Join my journey

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